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Image Vulnerability Scanning for Container Security


Free webinar

Webinar: Image Vulnerability Scanning for Container Security

Date: October 14th 2021 at 10:00 CET

Detecting security issues, vulnerabilities or bad practices in container images is key to improve the security of any cloud native application. Automated image vulnerability scanning can reduce the likelihood of successful attacks and help protect your containerized workloads. How does it work and how can you get started?

Join passionate cloud native engineer Bram van den Klinkenberg on Thursday October 14th. Bram will show you how to get insights into the vulnerabilities of your images during image creation, storing of images and he will guide you how to act on it.

Here’s what Bram will discuss during this webinar:

  • Explanation of the core components of container technology and what risks each component has
  • A deeper dive into the Image component and more specifically the risk of Image Vulnerabilities by explaining the risk
  • Learn how you can mitigate the risk by using Github Actions and Azure Security Center

Register today to join us for this interactive webinar on October 14th.

Bram van den Klinkenberg

Bram van den Klinkenberg