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About Wortell

At Wortell, we aim to minimize the gap between the endless possibilities that are available to us and the extent to which people and companies seize them.

We empower people. That’s Wortell’s mission, and it’s the reason why we — and our 250 co-workers — wear a smile on our faces every day when we go to work.

Technology and skills
We provide people with the technology and skills required to be successful in their jobs — for example, by teaching users how to make video calls with Microsoft Teams, carrying out a migration to the Azure cloud, or helping an IT manager transition to a management organization. These are all building blocks that bring us one step closer to our goal.

We always make clear choices, so all our products and services contribute to our overarching objective. After all, ‘switching on’ more technology doesn’t automatically result in more progress, and not everyone in your company has the same needs. Remember, the average user has used less than ten percent of the options offered by Microsoft Word. And that’s just one application! Keeping this in mind, we realize smart, compact solutions that truly help employees work faster.

Furthermore, we pay a lot of attention to the digital skills of employees. Not because we’re so fond of IT, but because we believe digital skills play a crucial role in every job and career.

Finally, we make sure your IT department is ready to realize the digital transformation of your company. IT no longer has to keep a technical infrastructure up and running (you can leave that to us), which means they can act as a business partner to the organization, contributing ideas and co-building solutions that truly help your organization evolve.

[1] Gartner ‘Digital Dexterity Gap,’ 2018

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